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    Benjamin Teuber

    By Web Pfleger 5 years ago

    23_Teuber(web)Being the son of a game developer, Benjamin has been playing board games from the time he could hold cards in his hands and roll dice. After studying psychology and business administration, he first worked for several other companies before he was attracted by the creative and inspiring games industry in 2010. Today, he is one of the managing directors of Catan GmbH and, together with Klaus and his brother Guido, manages the licenses of the company – above all, the licenses for the “Catan” series.
    Benjamin has always enjoyed developing games. At age 5, for the first time he put a prototype on the game table at home. The draft probably wasn’t fully developed yet, and when he insisted on feedback, Klaus mumbled something about an extra-large portion of chocolate ice cream in the refrigerator. For the moment, his career as a game developer was put on hold.
    Many years later, Benjamin rediscovered the joy of playing an active part in game development. During a train ride, Klaus and Benjamin came up with the idea for a game, which they then jointly developed from scratch. In fall 2015, it was published by KOSMOS under the title “Tumult Royal.”