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    Claudia Teuber

    By Web Pfleger 5 years ago
    25_Teuber(WEB)After Claudia had completed her apprenticeship as industrial business management assistant and married Klaus, the newlyweds moved to a small town in the Westerwald, Germany, where Klaus did his military service. In the evenings, the young couple enjoyed playing tabletop games, which was new to Claudia because her family rarely played tabletop games. Schlaukopf (Smess: The Ninny’s Chess), Malefiz, and backgammon are games she remembers with pleasure.

    Later, when they were back in Darmstadt, Claudia and Klaus hosted gaming evenings with friends, and when they went on vacation, they always took a couple of games along, such as Risiko (Risk), Acquire, Niki Laudas Formel 1 (Niki Lauda’s Formula 1) or McMulti.
    From the very beginning to the present day, Claudia has always been Klaus Teuber’s most important playtester. Each time he developed a new game, she supported him with her honest and usually justified criticism.
    Claudia doesn’t like games that have overly complicated rules and take long. She sees herself as a quite ordinary player who wants to enjoy a game and not have the feeling that she’s doing “work.” One time, she sat through 8 hours of “Civilization,” and though she basically liked the game, she didn’t want to play it again.
    All told, Claudia made a major contribution to the success of Catan, because it wasn’t until Claudia considered the game really good and balanced that Klaus Teuber was satisfied with his work.