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    Guido Teuber

    By Web Pfleger 5 years ago

    15_Teuber(WEB)Guido grew up with board games. During his childhood, his favorite games were Risiko (Risk), chess, and Niki Laudas Formel 1 (Niki Lauda’s Formula 1) by Wolfgang Kramer. In 1997, Guido moved to the USA and now resides with his family in California. Starting in the late nineties, while studying, Guido was involved in establishing the Catan series in the USA. His hobby became a profession. Today, Guido is one of the managing directors of Catan GmbH, together with his father and his brother Benjamin. His focus is on administrating and marketing the Catan brand in English-speaking countries. The fact that the Catan series was very enthusiastically received in the United States means a lot to Guido. Completely unknown in North America 20 years ago, the “German game” became a modern classic that delights frequent gamers, families, students, Hollywood celebrities, techies, entrepreneurs, etc. alike. Besides maintaining and further expanding the Catan brand, Guido supports his father and his brother in developing new games.