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    Klaus Teuber

    By Web Pfleger 5 years ago

    Klaus Teuber was born in 1952 in Rai-Breitenbach, Germany, a village located at the foot of the Breuberg Castle, surrounded by forests and gentle mountains. Is it possible that this bucolic Odenwald setting later motivated him to develop Catan? Maybe.
    During his childhood, board games weren’t very important to him, until at age 11 he received the game “Römer gegen Karthager” (Romans vs. Carthaginians) as a gift. Soon, the ancient armies had left the game board and fought fierce battles on the floor of his room. Klaus Teuber added new rules to the game, and today he is convinced that during this time the foundations for his future game designs were laid.
    After passing the “Abitur” (German school-leaving exam and university entrance qualification) and complying with the mandatory military service, Klaus Teuber studied chemistry. After passing the “Vordiplom” (intermediate exam), he joined his father’s dental lab for family reasons. To offset the often quite intense occupational stress, in the early 80s he started developing games.
    In 1988, his first game “Barbarossa und die Rätselmeister” (Barbarossa and the Riddle Masters) received the German “Spiel des Jahres” (Game of the Year) award. More games and awards followed, until in 1995 he hit it big with “Die Siedler von Catan” (The Settlers of Catan). In the following years, Klaus Teuber primarily focused on Catan and expanded it into a sizable series of games, in collaboration with the editorial team of the publishing house KOSMOS and later also with the help of his son Guido (who meanwhile lived in the United States) and Mayfair Games, an American game publisher.
    In 2002, together with his wife Claudia and his two sons Guido and Benjamin he started the family business Catan GmbH, its purpose being the development, marketing, and licensing of the games designed by him. From the very beginning, Klaus Teuber tested his games with his family. Since the mid-nineties, he worked on his games jointly with TM Spiele GmbH, a company whose partners initially worked as an editorial team for the game publisher Goldsieber and then, starting in 1997, for KOSMOS.
    Arnd Beenen, responsible for the electronic products of Catan GmbH, was the last to join the team of playtesters. Without the constructive criticism and help of the many people involved, Klaus Teuber would not have been able to successfully develop his games.
    Today, Klaus Teuber is particularly happy about the fact that both of his sons share the management of Catan GmbH with him and also work with him on the development of new games. In the fall of 2015, “Tumult Royale” was published – the first game developed together with Benjamin. More games by the author duo will follow.