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    Sculpt, guess, have fun! When it is your turn, choose one of your opponents’ Dohdles (= riddles sculpted in modeling dough). Clue spaces determine whether you can ask two questions about this Dohdle or ask for one of its letters. But watch out: Everyone’s listening! If your question is too obvious, you help the other players (who can also guess) along. Then you have to act fast and be the first player to toss your guess cube into the guess funnel. If your proposed solution is correct, you – and potentially also the creator of the Dohdle – move forward on the scoring track.
    Catan board game Dohdles!
    Playing cards from tabletop Dohdles!
    Please note that the photo is showing the German version.
    Communicative people80%

    Creative people60%

    Riddle makers100%

    Riddle solvers100%
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    Game setting of Dohdles! A board game by Catan
    For now, all we can tell you is this: It’s a Dohdle – a riddle sculpted in modeling dough. To create a Dohdle, you only sculpt the approximate shape of an object or a living thing.
    Ask questions? Right! For example, you could ask if the Dohdle represents a man-made object and if every human has the object. The answer to your first question would be “no” and the answer to your second question would be “yes.” And should you also learn that the first letter of the solution is “N”, then you’d most likely assume that the solution is “nose.”
    Dohdles! is an entertaining riddle game for all ages. Children ages 10 and up will have no problems with the rules. The included high-quality modeling dough is nontoxic, nondrying, and pleasant to the touch. Be creative – compete with each other sculpting Dohdles. Dohdles! is a revised version of the game “Barbarossa” which in 1988 received the German “Game of the Year” award. The 1988 classic now has a new, modern look and feel: It is faster, even more interactive, and great for parties if played as a team game with up to a total of 12 players.
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