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    The big adventure game by Klaus Teuber, the author of The Settlers of Catan. The harbor towns Olesand, Norderkap, and Trutzhavn suffer gravely from pirate attacks. The towns’ last hope rests on the independent sea captains and their ships armed with cannons. Will they be able to supply the needy citizens with commodities and permanently chase away the pirates roaming the seas?
    Northwind - a tabletop board game by Teubergames
    A tabletop board game by Teubergames
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    Each player commands his or her own large three-dimensional ship. The objective is to earn enough gold by skillfully buying and selling commodities and, thus, be able to complete the tasks given by the cities. You fight exciting cannon battles, trying to capture the dreaded pirates. The more successful you are, the better you can equip your ship and reinforce the crew. For example, a cannoneer shoots better, a treasurer earns you more gold, and a lookout in the crow’s nest sees more. The player who finds the right combination of successful trading and relentless battle will win in the end.
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    North Wind is a game for the whole family. Children ages 10 and up will have no problems with the rules. Fun is guaranteed, regardless of whether two, three, or four players embark on a trading voyage. The game takes between 30 and 60 minutes to play, depending on the number of players.
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