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    Peter Neugebauer

    By c4catan 5 years ago

    Peter NeugebauerPeter Neugebauer has basically always played tabletop games. During his early childhood, he played Memory (which had just gained a foothold in the market), later Wildlife (a classic at that time) instead of the customary Monopoly, and then Cluedo. These were the games that paved the way for Peter’s future career.

    At an age when all his friends stopped playing tabletop games, Peter Neugebauer continued. While preparing for the “Abitur” (German school-leaving exam and university entrance qualification) and while studying at the university, he was greatly inspired by the – then very popular – 3M-Spiele für Erwachsene (3M Bookshelf Games). Acquire, Sleuth, and above all, Monad laid the foundation for his sustained interest in tabletop games. Peter’s great love of board games and card games was stimulated even more when he became acquainted with Klaus Teuber.

    At the Göttinger Autorentreffen (a game designer meeting in Göttingen, Germany) 1986, Peter Neugebauer and Klaus Teuber met for the first time. Klaus presented his first game “Rätselmeister” (Riddle Masters), and Peter sensed the innovative idea behind this terrific and communicative game. The two began an intensive exchange of ideas about Klaus’s game concepts. Today, Peter is proud to have accompanied Klaus Teuber as he developed his games. Peter Neugebauer has participated in the playtesting of every single Teuber game, and he feels blessed that his opinion was, and still is, always gladly taken into account.

    That way, a motivating and creative cooperation and, as a by-product, a lasting friendship between the two has developed over all those years, which luckily also extends to Benjamin Teuber. Nothing should stand in the way of further fruitful collaboration between the Teubers and Peter Neugebauer.