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    Reiner Müller

    By Web Pfleger 5 years ago

    After graduating from university, Reiner Müller ended up with the game manufacturer Parker-Spiele (Parker Brothers), which set the pattern for his future professional development. Although he worked some time for the Vorwärts, the newspaper of the Social Democratic Party of Germany, he finally changed to the games industry and worked as an editor for various game publishers. He played a substantial role in establishing “Spiel,” today the world’s largest gaming convention, and he is a co-founder of the gaming magazine “Spielbox.”

    After various game publishers had rejected Klaus Teuber’s first game “Die Rätselmeister” (The Riddle Masters) in 1986 and 1987, he wanted to publish the game himself. In 1987, he met Reiner Müller, who, at the time, worked as an editor for the game publisher ASS. In 1988, Reiner Müller was able to get the game published by ASS under the title “Barbarossa und die Rätselmeister” (Barbarossa and the Riddle Masters), thus preventing Klaus Teuber just in time from self-publishing. That same year, Klaus Teuber’s first game received the German “Spiel des Jahres” (Game of the Year) award.

    In 1993, Reiner Müller, Klaus Teuber, Wolfgang Lüdtke, and Peter Neugebauer jointly established the game publishing company TM Spiele GmbH, which at first performed editorial work for the game publisher Goldsieber and later worked for the game publisher KOSMOS.
    In 1995, KOSMOS published “Die Siedler von Catan” (The Settlers of Catan), superbly edited by Reiner Müller. He created a novel structure of the game rules that set new standards.

    Until his well-earned retirement in spring 2014, together with his colleagues at TM Reiner Müller edited the expansions and games of the Catan product family as well as many other successful games published by Kosmos Verlag – the last one being Tumult Royale, Klaus and Benjamin Teuber’s first jointly created game.