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    Potato Charley’s infamous band of smugglers is recruiting new members. To win the crowded spot in the gang, you must prove you are the sneakiest and most adept smuggler in a smuggling contest. Show big boss Charley what you’re made of! Grab your smuggling sack and hide your contraband inside. Make a run down the hill and through a hole in the fence. Be sure you cram as much stuff in your sack as possible, but be careful not to make it too big – or you’ll get stuck in the fence!

    Smugglers by Klaus and Benjamin Teuber



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    A notorious gang of smugglers is recruiting new members. To determine who is skillful enough to become a member of the gang, the boss himself stages a smuggling contest. First the would-be smugglers must try to get through a hole in a fence while carrying the biggest sack of contraband possible. A roll of the die determines which size hole in the fence the sack needs to fit through. The smuggling sacks are formed from a rubbery polymer putty that the players roll into balls with the contraband pieces hidden inside. The balls are then rolled down a track toward the fence. The player’s goal is to form the largest ball that will still fit through the fence. Players who succeed in getting the largest ball through the hole in the fence can then guess the contents of the smaller balls or of balls that were too large to fit through the fence. If they guess correctly, they get to keep the contraband. The player who collects the most contraband items wins.
    Smugglers, the second game jointly developed by Klaus and Benjamin Teuber, is a game for the whole family. Children ages 8 and up will have no problems with the rules.
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