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    Chaos in the witch’s kitchen! The goblin has turned everything upside down. Where the heck is the shiver weed? And the retch root? Where are the mouse droppings? Oh, the mess makes the witch want to pull her hair out… If you find the proper ingredients, you may put a magic token into the witch’s cauldron. The cauldron gets fuller with each token that the players put into it. When the cauldron boils over, a genuine monster emerges! Who will be the one to make the cauldron burst and thus create a monster?
    An English-language version of Spinnengift & Krötenschleim (Spider Venom & Toad Slime) has not been published yet.
    Cauldron from Spinnengift & Krötenschleim - A Catan board game
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    The players move their witch pieces across the game board. The magic tokens determine how many ingredients must be put into the cauldron, and the die determines the type of ingredient. Now you need a good memory or plenty of luck. Where was the retch root again? And the toad slime? If you find all ingredients, you put the magic token into the witch’s cauldron. Will it boil over this time and create a monster? You win if you have the most witch’s medals and monsters at the end of the game.
    Game setup Spinnengift & Krötenschleim by Catan
    “Spinnengift und Krötenschleim” is a game for the whole family – easy to play and fun for kids as well as adults. Children have to start thinking strategically. They must decide where to move their witch, in order to be able to reach magic tokens containing few holes before their opponents do. The fewer holes a magic tokens has, the higher the chance to obtain it and perhaps even create a new monster with it.

    Inside the box of Spinnengift & Krötenschleim
    Family Teuber playing Spinnengift & Krötenschleim