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    The entire country is upset: The king builds statue after statue, while the people are starving. But the farmers are not taking it anymore. “Tumult!” they shout and start a rebellion. In this lively game, each round you have only a few seconds to view tiles and decide whether you want to put them back or keep them. But watch out! If too little is left for the people, a tumult ensues and the greediest royals are punished.

    Tumult Royale by Catan
    Game board of Tumult Royale

    Please note that the photo is showing the German version.


    Skillful people60%

    Chaos theorists40%

    Quick-witted people80%
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    Game setup of Tumult Royale by Catan
    You are royals, and you have just one thing in mind: placing statues of yourselves everywhere across your country to delight the common people with your stunning good looks and reaffirm your ascendancy throughout the land. Erecting statues costs commodities, which you must rob from your subjects in the form of taxes. If too few commodities are left over for the people after tax collection, a tumult ensues, and the people punish the greediest royal.
    In your role as a selfish royal, maybe you turn out to be a wise and benevolent ruler and find the right balance when collecting taxes. If you do, the people are well-disposed toward you, and you are not punished for your greed. But will this strategy allow you to erect more statues than your opponents, given that the player who has placed the most statues at the end of the game wins?
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    Tumult Royale, the first game jointly developed by Klaus and Benjamin Teuber, is a game for the whole family. Children ages 10 and up will have no problems with the rules.
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