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    Wolfgang Lüdtke

    By c4catan 5 years ago

    As a game reviewer and collector of games, Wolfgang was part of the gaming scene when Peter Neugebauer introduced him to the promising young game designer Klaus Teuber and his wife Claudia. That was almost 30 years ago. The encounter turned into a very special friendship, and from then on Wolfgang has been actively involved in the development of new games at an early stage. When Klaus asked him one day whether he would like to participate in a new game publishing company that Klaus wanted to establish together with Reiner Müller and Peter Neugebauer, Wolfgang’s career as an editor began. After publishing a couple of games, their company TM-Spiele GmbH began to focus on consultancy and editorial work for other game publishers. From this moment until the company went out of business in 2013, together with Reiner he was one of the two managing directors. Since 1995, he has edited a large part of the games published under the Goldsieber label and since 1997, a large part of the games published by KOSMOS. Wolfgang regards his ability to recognize whether a prototype has the potential of becoming a good game as one of his strenghts. Besides working on the development of games, he particularly enjoys discovering the potential of aspiring game designers and supporting them. That way, he could help some game designers to successfully become part of today’s gaming scene. As an editor at KOSMOS, he continues to take care of part of the family and adult games, and he also continues to be actively involved in the development of Klaus’s and Benjamin’s games at an early stage. He’s particularly pleased about the fact that now he can also work together with Benjamin, who more than 25 years ago woke him up in the morning, asking, “Do you want to play something with me?”